Nexalin Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What illnesses/indications are Nexalin cleared to treat here in the United States?
A. Nexalin is fully FDA cleared to safely and effectively treat Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Nexalin Therapy offers approximately 100 hundred million Americans affected by these illnesses a drug free alternative.

Q. Is Nexalin a drug that requires taking pills or shots?
A. NO…Nexalin is a non-invasive safe medical device.

Q. Does Nexalin require surgery in any way?
A. NO…A patient will sit in a comfortable chair or medical chair for each treatment.

Q. Is Nexalin cleared internationally?
A. Yes, in all of the European Union, as well as the Russian Federation and Australia. A total of 32 countries around the world have already cleared Nexalin for use.

Q. What illnesses/indications?
A. In the European Union, all forms of arthritis and musculoskeletal illnesses. In the Russian Federation and Australia all forms of arthritis and musculoskeletal illnesses plus Parkinson’s disease.

Q. Is Nexalin Therapy patented?
A. Yes, here in the United States since 2005.

Q. Does Nexalin have any international patents?
A. Yes, in all of the countries where we feel we need to insure the value of our technology.

Q. Is Nexalin safe?
A. Yes, Nexalin is safe. Our warning label in the over 30 countries we’re cleared to treat patients is a simple four words, “No Serious Side Effects.” The side effects of Nexalin are similar to Placebo. In fact, unlike anti-depressants, which warn of the risk of suicide by minors, we’re cleared to treat children without any special warning. Unlike most medical devices, it is noninvasive, involving no surgery, and therefore has none of the risks associated with surgical complications.

Q. Is treatment effective?
A. Yes, over 80% of patients in studies and at Nexalin Treatment Centers have reported positive results with an average improvement of over 80% in their symptoms unlike antidepressants, where many researchers report results little better than a placebo.

Q. Is Nexalin Therapy effective?
A. In recent studies, patients report on average better than 80% of sustained improvement in all symptoms.


Most clients report relief of anxiety, depression and insomnia within 2 to 3 weeks.