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Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and related conditions

Our treatments work to quickly rebalance the “mood region” of the brain, providing near-immediate changes in dopamine, epinephrine, cortisol and endorphin levels.

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Safe. Proven. Effective.

    • Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, TBI, Chronic Pain, and more
    • 80-90% effective treatment rate
    • Non-invasive treatment provides relief without the side effects of medications
    • Increases effectiveness of many traditional therapies
    • Can be used in conjunction with prescribed medications
    • Safe for treatment in clients aged two years and older
    • No discomfort or adverse side effects associated with treatment
    • Clients incur no period of restricted activities
    • Safe and effective solution supporting the brain’s ability to regulate its Neurochemicals
    • Patented waveform stimulates the Hypothalamus and surrounding deep centers of the brain
    • Stimulates change in levels of Enkephalins, Beta-Endorphins, Serotonin, and Substance P
    • Works to stabilize and balance Neurotransmitters associated with brain function and mood regulation

The Benefits and Technology of Nexalin Advanced Therapy

— The Nexalin Difference
— Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
— Treatment of mood disorders
— “off label” benefits of Nexalin Advanced Therapy

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Noticeable Improvements: Indecisiveness, Mental Focus

“Things have become more clear when it comes to making a decision.  I am finding that I am making decisions that better suit me and not just to benefit others.”

Mary, Nexalin Therapy Client

Noticeable Improvements: Anger/Rage, Mental Focus, Suicidal Thoughts, People Interaction

“Client has Asperger’s, so he has poor eye contact/conversational skills.  His father (who sees him 2x month) noticed increased eye contact and more fluid/connected conversations.  Client recently had a meltdown with suicidal thoughts and a lot of anger/rage.  He has calmed down considerably since starting Nexalin.”

Anonymous, Nexalin Therapy Client

Noticeable Improvements: Anxiety, Nightmares, Depression, Anger/Rage, Energy

“I’m handling the issues in my life caused by others.  They have to change themselves, I can’t do it for them.  Yes I still think about what is going on but I’m not torn up about them now.  I’m not in the fog I was in.  Thinking more clearly.  This is a great tool for anyone.”

Anna, Nexalin Therapy Client

Noticeable Improvements: Anxiety, Fear, Nightmares, Indecisiveness, Depression, Mentoal Focus, Energy

“Before my Nexalin treatment I would always feel fear and have really bad nightmares. My excuse would always be maybe it’s the sugar. I was very indecisive and had trouble focusing. Sometimes depression would kick in. But now, now that I’ve done something so amazing to change my mental ways. I feel so much better! I can focus! I can complete task! I have more patience. I think first before responding. I no longer have nightmares. I sleep better at night. I’m in control of my own actions and mind! Thank You Nexalin!”

Breasia, Nexalin Therapy Client

Noticeable Improvements: Anger/Rage, Mental Focus, Energy

“I have experienced a more balanced approach to my attitude about food/alcohol. I have noticed smells more. I have experienced a kinder relationship with my husband. Thank you for this experience. I trust with behavior modifications this will last.”

Louanne, Nexalin Therapy Client

Noticeable Improvements: Anxiety, Indecisiveness, Mental Focus, Energy

“One thing I’ve noticed the most would be energy level and mental focus.”

Hannah, Nexalin Therapy Client

Nexalin Advanced Therapy

What is Nexalin Therapy?

Nexalin Therapy effects on brain treating anxiety, depression and insomnia

Nexalin is a safe, non-invasive and drug free treatment that is cleared by the FDA for the  treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The Nexalin device emits a patented, frequency-based waveform that interacts with structures of the mid-brain that help to regulate and stabilize neurochemicals.

How it Works

The Nexalin device transmits a gentle, undetectable frequency based waveform that is administered via electrode pads. While you recline comfortably in a softly lit room, a trained and certified Nexalin technician will place the medical grade conductive pads on your forehead and behind each ear. Sessions last 40 minutes and patients report that a 2 to 3 week Nexalin treatment regimen has reduced their reported symptoms. The hypothesis is that Nexalin stimulates the hypothalamus and areas of the brain associated with mood control.

There are numerous anecdotal reports that Nexalin therapy has also been effective in hard-to-treat patient populations across a much wider range of brain disorders. It has been suggested that Nexalin may stimulate and help restart the hypothalamus, so that the brain, in effect, heals itself. We believe we are now entering a new era of “brain health”.

Is Nexalin Right For You?

Nexalin is a safe, natural option that can be used alongside, or even instead of, pharmaceuticals in the treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and PTSD. Consult your physician to evaluate all options available and ask your doctor if Nexalin should be your first choice or used in conjunction with prescribed medications.


Most clients report relief of Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia within 2-3 weeks with many clients reporting symptom reduction following their first day of treatment.

Nexalin Advanced Therapy

One of the most advanced techniques of non-invasive brain stimulation available today.

Safe, non-invasive, effective treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, OCD, Phobias, Bipolar Disorder, Addiction, Substance Abuse, Child Psychiatric Disorders, Autism, Attention issues-ADHD (focus), Mental Performance, Responsive Immune System, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Very few Nexalin clients experience any side effects. The FDA documents no adverse side effects to Nexalin Advanced Therapy. However, possible risk factors of Nexalin Advanced Therapy include headache, dizziness, nausea, and skin irritation at the site of electrode placement. These risk factors can be minimized or avoided by drinking water prior to treatment to ensure proper hydration. There is also the possibility of experiencing a temporary increase of initial symptoms during the Nexalin sessions, these symptoms will usually diminish within 48 hours. Nexalin Advanced Therapy has no drug interactions but some clients may develop a heightened sensitivity to mood altering substances and may choose to work with the prescribing doctor to reduce their medication dosage.

People who have had or currently experience any of the following conditions will not be approved for Nexalin Advanced Therapy at this time…

—History of seizures, or seizures in the past (12) months, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, tumors of the central nervous system, or any electrical device surgically implanted in the body.

—Acute brain injuries and infections (A history of TBI is ok).

—Break in skin integrity at the areas of electrode placement (forehead and behind each ear).

—Sensitivity to electrode gels or adhesives.

—Presence of any implanted electronic stimulators.

—Pregnant or may be pregnant at the time of therapy.

—Less than four (4) years old. (Nexalin Therapy is approved for children as young as 2 years old, but our treatment center typically does not provide treatment for clients under 4 years old)

Nexalin Therapy Client Testimonials – Videos

Many issues in the brain ranging from “Peak Performance” to “Mood Disorders” are believed to be the result of an imbalance of specific neurochemicals in the brain. These chemical imbalances also contribute to deviant or unhealthy EEG patterns in the brain.

Chemically altering these imbalances with medication, frequently leads to dependency and unwanted side effects.

Nexalin will provide a drug free treatment that attempts to naturally correct these imbalances. When Nexalin is combined with traditional or trauma-informed therapies the outcomes lead to a normal and healthy life.

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